Welcome To Asia! US Apparel Line – Hardcore Forever – Moves to Korea

The best thing about social media is just by total accident seeing a one-line tweet that makes you go, “wait, what?”

Hardcore Forever is an Arizona-based apparel line that’s clearly all about celebrating everything that’s awesome about the community that we love – hardcore. When we spoke to owner Darshon he said, “We’re a music inspired clothing line that loves using influences from heavy music to inspire our clothing.”

Now you may be asking why the hell are we writing about an American apparel line on Unite Asia? Darshon works for the military and just moved to Korea that’s why! “This is a one-person owned company that is run by myself. I am from Illinois, moved to Arizona because I’m in the military, then I got stationed in Korea and have hopes to bring a lot of my business to Osan. The business has been going for almost a year and it’s all just built on a dream that I have! We’re doing pretty well at expanding and want to get better.”

So as part of the worldwide hardcore family, we’re doing our part to help our worldwide family out. Go support his amazing clothing line and check out ALL the insane merch he’s got up…he states that the merch, for now, will continue to be printed in New York which certainly means quality will continue to be American standard.

Go support the dude!

Welcome to Asia bud!


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