Watch Hong Kong Melodic Hardcore Band The Priceless Boat KILL It On New Track

There aren’t many hardcore or punk bands in Hong Kong, but the few we have, fucking rule. The Priceless Boat is case in point. The band has been at this game for a long ass time (11 years!) and today have dropped a brand new song and they’ve thrown all “hardcore rules” out the fucking window. There are layers and layers of sonic goodness – delay, reverb, synths, sounds. There are layers and layers of different types of vocals – melodic, clean, screaming, spoken word…all emotional and heart-piercing. Everything that they’ve done on this track is phenomenal…we can’t wait to hear all future songs – if this is the direction the band is going on in, they need to be celebrated!

Keep breaking all the rules! Let’s make art, art.

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