Vocalist of Chthonic’s First Episode of New All English Podcast – Metalhead Politics – Up Now

This is dope to see…Freddy – the vocalist of Asian metal giants Chthonic – has released the first episode of his brand new all English podcast called Metalhead Politics. It is so great to hear this amazing human being trying to engage with the rest of the world in English so people can get a better understanding of life and the politics of Taiwan.

Emily: WHO is a trigger word right now!
Freddy: But we did tell them that there’s a possible danger of the new virus but they ignored us. They ignore us all the time. So when it comes to the WHO their attitude, when it comes to Taiwan, is “Who cares”. The WHO motto is “Health for all except for Taiwanese”.


“From Freddy Lim, vocalist of the metal band Chthonic and a member of parliament in Taiwan, and Emily Y. Wu, co-founder of Ghost Island Media, this is Metalhead Politics: a new podcast on music, politics, and Taiwan. A co-production of Chthonic and Ghost Island Media. A Middag project.”


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