Vietnamese Beatdown Killers DISTRICT 105 Return With Fire New EP [Vietnam]


Shit’s hard.

Go smash that play button on Vietnamese beatdown band DISTRICT 105‘s brand new fire EP entitled ‘Seasons in Decay’. And because the band fucking RULES, they always send us the goods to write something sick about their releases. (The band does this for us ALL the time. Respect.)

Vocalist states, “This is our third ep after the mini album ‘9th’ released back in 2019. The EP took longer than expected due to lineup changes and the lockdown. But this EP marks the comeback to the metalcore/hardcore genre of the band. The story is that after the release of ‘9th’ we were hit with COVID. During that period, we really began focusing on how to motivate and reach our local Vietnamese audience further. To do this, we started experimenting with other elements like rapping and including Vietnamese lyrics. We were very successful in this process and gained more of a following because of this.

But at the end of the day, we had to be true to our root metalcore/beatdown sound. This is what we actually enjoy playing and creating and thus we now have 4 new songs to treat everyone to. This EP is like the old and the new and is written based on the concept of seasons.

Beginning Of Hate (Spring)
Dead Summer (Summer)
Reckless Souls (Fall)
Cold Bones (Winter)”

The band also further included a track-by-track breakdown of the songs:

1/Beginning Of Hate
Following the legend of Osiris, god of the afterlife, a symbol of resurrection and spring. He got tricked by his own brother Seth, trapped in a casket, and left floating in the Nile, then a tree grew from where his casket is. People of the land worshiped it which I found ironic. So this song is just me imagining how it feels to be in that casket, the hate, the fear, the anger, and what kind of blessings people actually think they will get from a person that just got betrayed that badly, I think he is probably cursing everything.

2/Dead Summer
A song for nostalgia and to represent Vietnamese youth. The drum from the beginning of the song is the traditional drum roll that every Viet kid has once listened to and is familiar with. The song is about cicadas. I think they are fascinating. They spend years underground and once reach adulthood they scream as loud as possible and die after a month. Such small beings yet the cry they emit can strike fear in the minds of little kids who have no idea what that is. In my opinion, there are many similarities between them and the youthful artists who wanna burn their lives away for their art. They want to make their presence known.

3/Reckless Souls
Reckless souls represent the people who wanna make a difference but their efforts are wasted on an overwhelming but blinded system. Music and culture are strangled to death by the one who holds power in their hands. Music can only be about love, movies can’t depict anything but the old and tiresome themes. It certainly gives peace but at the same time, it’s killing the youths slowly. Generation of suffocation and degradation.

4/Cold Bones
This one is for the leaders. The one who’s willing to take that first dangerous step, the one who lays the foundation for what to come. Most of the time they’re struggling with questions like “Is it all worth it?”, “Am I doing the right thing?”, “Will I ever get what I deserve?” …. So cold bones are metaphors for dreams which are yet to be achieved and Lady Blizzard is a metaphor for this cold cruel world. In the end, they might fail but at least the next one will be guided. is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!