Vietnam Loses It’s Mind To Brand New Melodic Punk band Lenatic Bubble Gum Hipsters

The newest addition to Vietnam’s passionate rock/metal underground is a melodic punk band fronted by a famous Vietnamese actress Lena. The band is affectionately also named Lenatic Bubble Gum Hipsters. Their debut track comes in the form of an awesome music video streaming below. If you’re a fan of any of those 90’s era melodic punk rock bands such as Lagwagon, Hi Standard, Strung Out, etc…this is your jam! The band is signed to Vietnamese label First and Last Records and also features the owner of the label, Kore, on drums. When we asked Kore about the band, he quickly responded “This has been a dream band for me for many many years. I’ve always wanted to do a band like Hi Standard.” Band’s artwork was drawn by world famous Asian hardcore/punk illustrator Chun One. Further below check out how Lena respects Vietnam’s pop punk scene by doing an acoustic cover of a track by another Vietnamese pop punk act 7Uppercuts.

As of this post, this video has been up for 11 hours and already has 27,000 views!

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