Veteran Singapore hardcore band 4 Sides release fullset live video

Veteran Singapore hardcore band 4 Sides release fullset live video. The band has been around since 1990 in Singapore.

When we spoke to guitarist Suhaimi earlier this year about this specific show he had this to say:

“My brother, Adyll Herman ,the drummer who founded 4-sides, just felt it was time to make a comeback & maybe do a final EP before we officially call it a day. The band started in 1990 and I guess we had a good run these past 27 years in the scene. Coincidently, Eric of Street Noise Productions asked us if we were interested playing RECOVER’S launch show. He somehow managed to convince us even though we only started practicing again about a month ago. But we’re doing this for our good friends. We’re a bit rusty tho haha…”

That’s awesome! Eric’s the best. So what’s the status of this final EP?

“It’s just a thought. No concrete plans yet. We’re trying to lay low until we have new songs and are ready to record. If it happens, most probably next year. Back in 2008 we did record two songs but they haven’t been mixed or mastered yet.”

So once the EP is out that will be the official end of the band?

“I guess. I kinda agree with my brother. Like I said, we had a good run but we need some kind of closure, so this would be the best way to lay the band to rest.”

Check out the band ripping it up last night in Singapore, and further below check out a track they released back in 1999.

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