Unite Asia Playlist #4 Up Now!

Playlist #4 up now in all its glory! As always we try our best to include bands from different parts of Asia as well as a different variety of “hardcore”. So don’t be surprised if the playlist goes from youth crew to death metal to ska-punk all in one playlist. If that bothers you, allow your frickin’ brain to grow a little bit 🙂

This is also the first playlist that we’ve added a band that isn’t FROM Asia but features our Asian diaspora. Australian band Speed just dropped a BANGER and we HAD to add it to this playlist. Timely as fuck.


Full tracklisting:

Karate Kid (Japan) – Social Net Sucks
Frack (Indonesia) – Wasting Time
Crispy Newspaper (Russia) – Шарли Эбдо
Sawtorture (Malaysia) – Worthless Tomorrow
Naedr (Singapore) – The waltz of Fate
What a Beautiful Day (China)孔夫子
The Vinyl Records (India) – Authority
Saving Molly (China) – Control
Crusher (Thailand) – The Tight Wall
Queen City Crew (Philippines) – Cursed Love
Horsehead Nebula (Japan) – Into the Abyss
Mouthful of Air (Singapore) – Pale Fate
Johny Comes Lately (Malaysia) – Kaya
Brave Out (Japan) – Fire
Weight of the World AD (Singapore) – Vulture
Angst Society (Philippines) – Rot
Kids On the Move (Malaysia) – Drop It
Things We Say (South Korea) – Move On
Knife Sticking Head (Vietnam) – I Live I Fight I Die
Speed (Australia) – We See You

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