Unite Asia Playlist #2 Up Now!

What’s up everyone!

Welcome to the second bi-weekly Unite Asia Playlist! We were truly surprised with how well you received the first playlist we released a couple of weeks ago. This playlist connected well with folks not just in Asia – but all over the world! Thank you to everyone that sent in messages of support, especially those of you who said “Woah – I found a couple of my new favorite bands on that playlist you made!” Means a lot – not just to us, because let’s be real – we didn’t actually create the music, we’re just putting a list together (that shit ain’t the hard part). It means a lot to the bands who get featured and in the process find themselves with a whole new audience!

Here were just a few of the really cool things people were saying – and we REALLY APPRECIATE all of you actually @ ing the bands themselves!

SOOOO…from the bottom of our hearts, thank YOU for supporting our Asian community and getting the word out.

Here we go with playlist #2!

Just a couple of pointers before you go off and share this with the world!

  • We’re keeping it to 20 bands each playlist – this allows everyone time to really dig through the tracks and find something new that they like AND/OR go back and listen to something that they dismissed the first time, replay it and go “Wait – it’s not that bad!”
  • We’re trying our best to make sure it’s 20 DIFFERENT bands each time
  • UNFORTUNATELY, we’re using Spotify to do this (our least favorite platform). The reason we’re not doing it on our PREFERRED platform Bandcamp, is because they don’t have a playlist function yet. So annoying…
  • SOOOOOOOO – the only bands we can pick are the ones who have music up on this obnoxious platform.
  • If you’d like to feature a band on an upcoming playlist DM us a Spotify link to the SONG you want up – it has to be an Asian band or a band that features Asians in it.

Unite Asia Playlist #2’s full tracklisting is as follows:

Otus (Japan) – Eroded Mind
Radigals (Singapore) – Girls
Clean Slate (Philippines) – EC
Straight Answer (Indonesia) – Touring is Never Boring
Thought (Philippines) – Version
Cut Lon (Vietnam) – Khu Em Song
Demerit (China) – Barefaced Lies and Bullshit Peace
Death by Fungi (India) – Die in Bomby
State Craft (Japan) – Forever Yours
Triangle (Malaysia) – Endless Sleep
Catpuke (Philippines) – Eat The Rich
Fingerprint (Indonesia) – Polemic
Creative Waste (Saudi Arabia) – Error
13 Steps (South Korea) – No Hope
Runner (Japan) – Pathos
B.C (Singapore) – Deaf
Dagger (Hong Kong) – Relentless
Born From Pain (Thailand) – Blind My Mind
State of Pain (Singapore) – Death Row
Ilska (Japan) – Build an Era

For those of you who want to jam the first one as well:

Unite Asia Playlist #1 Full List:
Lost Control (Malaysia) – New World Disorder⁣
Outrage (Indonesia) – Change the Game⁣
Slant (South Korea) – Terminal⁣
Defeat The Giant (Taiwan) – The Route We Take⁣
Regret (Hong Kong) – This Ain’t For You⁣
Doldrey (Singapore) – Void⁣
Eat Shit and Die (Malaysia) – Done⁣
Sial (Singapore) – Maut⁣
Bleach (Indonesia) – No Regret⁣
No No No (Japan) – No War⁣
nervous light of Sunday (Japan) – arikata⁣
Numbernine (Japan) – Soulwreck⁣
Flush (South Korea) – Mommy Daddy Never Lose⁣
Prime (Indonesia) – Love⁣
Whispers (Thailand) – Morbid Vision⁣
Neck Deep in Filth (Nepal) – Traitors in Their Midst⁣
The Geeks (South Korea) – More Than Ever⁣
Pacifist (India) – Resolve⁣
Deceased (Singapore) – The Void of No Return⁣
Modern Guns (Indonesia) – Your Past Should Stay Dead⁣

UniteAsia.org is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!