Ukranian Hardcore Band Death Pill Release Brilliant Track and Dedicate It To Their Defenders

Over the past week or so there has been some pretty deep soul searching going on in the world of hardcore because of some strange individual spouting off some pretty frickin’ INSANE rhetoric – both publicly and privately (tons of receipts out there that will shock you). Instead of further swimming in this obnoxious pool of idiocy, we’re going to dedicate our space to a brilliant band from Ukraine who recently released a FIREY music video for a new single. By doing this we want to make sure that Ukraine continues to be something that you all think about. Just like we want you to keep thinking about the people of Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, and so many other parts of the world also dealing with tyrannical regimes decimating lives every single day.

Death Pill is a phenomenal riot grrl/hardcore punk band from Kyiv, Ukraine who had this to say about this track:

“Exactly 4 years ago on this day, we released our first demo. We dedicated it to all brave and strong women.

Today we dedicate this release to everyone who defends our country. We are ready to tear the face of every freak who encroaches on our freedom and independence with our manicured nails.”

Read up on this brilliant band through this eye-opening interview conducted by Les Insous Mises back when the invasion of Ukraine first began a few months ago. Click HERE.

As this tragic war continues and the country of Ukraine continues to be left in ruins, we will always stand with the people of Ukraine as they bravely keep fighting. Hopefully, soon this war will end and then the people of Ukraine (who are going to win this!) can begin the long road to rebuilding their country from the ground up.

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