Typecast throw out a camping idea for their fans…best idea ever!


We will always love this band…when we started this website one of the first bands we approached to get behind us were these guys and they backed us 100% by allowing us to premiere their music video before anyone else on this planet got to check it out. They didn’t have to do it…but they did and we will always be grateful that they have been supporting this site since day one.

SOOOOOO – what are my crazy kapatids from the Philippines been up to?

WELL – glad you asked!

In about a week these guys are going to release a special LIVE album that they recorded in Manila at a venue called Checkpoint. The band celebrated their 16 year anniversary last year and in honor of that occasion they asked their fans to help select a special 16 song setlist. What a cool thing to do…so they recorded the show and are about to put it out! The release should be available on Spotify and Itunes soon! When we get more information and direct links we’ll let you know!


Here’s the craziest shit ever…get ready!

They just put up a post on their facebook about a new idea they have…they want to invite their fans out to a special camp acoustic session out in the woods! Then they’ll record that session both on audio and video to maybe release later on! DUDE…what a cool idea and a great way to continue to give back to their fans.

This band rules.

More info soon…



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