Trash Talk Release New EP And Apparently Have Become Indian

Hahahahahaha…sometimes we live for those headlines that we come up with even if we’re the only ones that find it amusing 🙂

So now that you’re here, there’s an experimental metal band called Trash Talk out of Bangalore India, not to be confused with the mighty hardcore punk Trash Talk out of the US, who have just released a brand new EP entitled Burd. The band has described the release in the following manner:

“On our second project, ‘BURD’ EP, we drew sonically & lyrically from the characteristics of 4 different birds. Each song, in particular, is based on the origin and the survival of different avian creatures over the centuries. The way they have had to adapt to their changing environments and the way they have survived.”

With a versatile set of influences, Trash Talk compiles various sub-genres of heavy music including death, doom & groove metal to combine it with hip hop, jazz fusion and more in order to ruffle the feathers of conventional composition.

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