Is Thailand Hardcore Currently On Top? Hell Yes. The Shredder Drop 3 Track Promo

YOOOOOOOOOO…so stoked when scenes around Asia start popping off! Thailand hardcore has been alive and well for YEARS – don’t get us wrong…but the current crop of releases that have been coming out of Thailand these past couple of years ESPECIALLY have been hard as fuck and just so dope to listen to. Currently, we’re blasting the brand new 3 song promo by Chiang Mai heroes The Shredder. The music is SO HARD and when we asked their vocalist what the themes are he said, “They’re about hate and revenge.” Makes sense. You can literally feel the rage being spit right at us through our speakers.

The artwork is also by Thai artist PPOW who is straight killing it…

The band has another announcement in a couple of days which is super exciting…(the promo is coming out on cassette format on a dope label out of Asia that we back hard – info soon 🙂

So sick to witness when any scene in our beloved Asia starts to come together. This is what happens when people talk less shit and start planning, creating, and making shit happen.

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