Thai Straight Edge Hardcore Band MONUMENT X Release EP/Give Us Track by Track Breakdown

Thai straight edge hardcore band MONUMENT X have finally dropped their highly anticipated EP ‘Dawn of Equality’ on HOLDING ON RECORDS. Guitarist Niko states, “The EP is a continuation of our youth crew-influenced sound combining a positive message, words to shout-along to, breakdowns to 2-step to and the energy to endlessly stage dive to.” Musically speaking, he adds that the band has added more metallic sounds ala Strife “who blend more heavier aspects to the youth crew sound, as well as Turning Point who later brought more melodic and introspective lyrics to their songwriting.”

The band were kind enough to give us a full-on track-by-track breakdown of the EP:

Dawn of Equality
With the lyrics, we’re trying to inspire others to keep striving for a better future and never give up, spread positivity, and not be silenced in the fight for equality. It’s like a signal that a brighter tomorrow is within reach. Working for fairness and justice for everyone, and it can happen if we keep going on together.

In This Moment
The lyrics encourage us to appreciate the people and memories in their lives and to live in the present moment that will last forever. The song asks us to look around and notice the bonds, friendships, and memories surrounding them. That moment should be cherished.

Mind Unwind
So simple. This song is about trying to get everyone to relax and clear their mind of any stress, worries, or anxiety.  Overall, it’s time to wake up and take control of your life by clearing your mind. Getting your thoughts in order and focusing on your goals. taking ownership of your life. It means that you have the power to overcome any obstacles and challenges that come your way.

Force of Will
This song talks about being sure of ourselves and the strength inside. Not being swayed easily by others and conquering the fear of the future. Ready to face problems with their own strength. It’s about being in control of your choices. Determined to stick to what they believe in and to not change because of others.

And lastly, the band added a YOT cover:

Flame Still Burns (Youth of Today cover)
The choice to include this cover was clear to us. No other band has inspired us more than Youth of Today and not many bands have had the chance to play alongside the band they look up to. It’s the song we opened with at our comeback show after a 4 year hiatus and the opening words summarise our feelings perfectly: we’re back.

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