Taiwan Hardcore Band Deadpan Back From The Dead – Announce Show/Debut Album

It’s always great to see the names of bands that you haven’t heard from in some time. Taiwan’s hardcore scene is a small passionate little community of people who love this stuff with all their hearts and because the scene is small, all know each other like family.

Recently Taiwan hardcore band Defeat The Giant announced a new show to take place in their hometown Taizhong. It’s part of their annual “Dirti” series of shows with this being the fifth edition:

On the bill, we were STOKED to see the name Deadpan! When this band first dropped into our lives it was off their HOT as fuck debut demo:

We immediately hit up the band to find out what they’ve been up to because it has literally been YEARS since we’ve heard from them.

Their guitarist Scott was kind enough to send in the following info:

“Last week we had our first rehearsal in 2 years and I’m stoked to tell the world that Deadpan is now officially back! The reason we stopped in the first place was cause we couldn’t find a drummer and bassist. Actually, this has been an ongoing issue with our band since day one. Within these two years, we’ve all kept busy doing other things. I’ve been playing in a band called Persecutor in Melbourne while I was there.

Our vocalist Chillbaka actually took a break from hardcore all together and jumped into the world of hip-hop as an MC and producer in the underground Kaohsuing scene.

As for the show itself, Dirti is one of the coolest hardcore events in Taiwan. 5 years ago the first Dirti is actually what inspired us to start the band in the first place. So it’s cool that we’re back with a couple of new songs and ready to kill it with Defeat the Giant, Hateful Rezpect, From Ashes, Fool, Supervision, Peatle, and DJ Lazy Finger. We’re really hyped about this. The event is more than just a show. To us, it represents community – something we hold so dear.

We’ve already begun work on our debut album which we’re hoping to release early next year. It’s been a fun process thus far because we’re not really limiting ourselves specifically to “hardcore”. We’re just focusing on capturing the sound and elements that drive us and what we think is cool. Also, most importantly, it’s the message in the lyrics.”

We’re stoked they’re back and can’t wait to hear their debut record whenever it’s ready!


Info about the show is as follows:

Taichung City’s Original Dirti Party
Get down with the Dirti sound
12/12 (SAT) @吃漢Chi-han bar
Defeat The Giant
Hateful Rezpect
From Ashes
-入場時間 Doors : 05:00 pm
-票價 ticket:預售票 (Adv) NTD400 / 現場票 (Door) NTD500
-預售登記 Advance Ticket:https://reurl.cc/j5Y4Zm
-演出場地 venue:吃漢Chi Han bar
No. 10, Ln. 17, Sec. 4, Fuxing Rd., East Dist., Taichung City 401

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