Straight Edge Band Manasik Karagar To Be First Straight Edge Band To Tour Nepal

Straight-edge metallic hardcore band Manasik Karagar are to be the first straight-edge band to tour Nepal. Their guitarist sent in the following info:

“In Nepal, lots of kids are still into drugs in the scene. Also, a lot of middle-aged men in their 50’s from our locality are into alcoholism and have been dying due to it.

We wrote our first EP where we talk about these issues to make people aware that it’s actually a major problem in our society that needs to be addressed.

“Pallo gharey kaka jhundiyera maryo
Saila dai ko budi poila gayo
Kaaley buda ko liver padkyo
Jetha le afno ghati retyo”

These are the real events in our society that translate to

“The uncle from the next house hanged himself.
Saila brother’s wife ran away with someone else
The dark old man’s liver bursted and died
The oldest son slit his throat himself”

After seeing a generation that is consumed alcohol. It’s hard to see the new generation being consumed by drugs. We wanna spread Straight Edge culture through this tour. So that people can be aware of this culture and hopefully embrace it. We wanna show it’s cool to not get drunk, high, or stoned. We wanna show the kids you can play hard as fuck without any of that. Deal with anything in life without drugs & alcohol.”

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