Sludge Doom Metal Band HRVST Release Heartfelt Statement Officially Ending the Band

This is a sad day for those of us who have been fans of a highly inspirational sludge metal band called HRVST outta Singapore. The band has just released a heartfelt statement officially ending the band.

We have been supporters of this band since the first time we heard about them and the first time we started writing about them. So much so that our own band (Dagger) went on to release a split 7″ with the guys. When their bassist Mel had a tragic accident that has left him bedridden ever since (going a year and a half now) the hope always was once he recovered HRVST would continue on right where they left off.

Dagger x HRVST x Boplay Photos (Singapore)

Please read the statement…and then further below enjoy their music, videos, live shows…and then go share this shit with the world. They were a great band and will continue to be remembered as such. We know for sure that when Mel recovers (not if) there will be enough noise from the world for the band to reunite for at least one show – we’ll hop on a plane, swim across the ocean, whatever it takes to be there.

To our friends in HRVST: Mel, Qi Jian, and Jay…best of luck to the three of you as you move forward. The music you created with your time together was pure fucking magic. No one can take that away.




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