Skatepunk Band Tadpoles Release EP [Malaysia]

Tadpoles, who are self-proclaimed as Malaysia’s “smelliest” yet “most attractive” skatepunk band, are about to drop a 6 song EP entitled Who Am I. They’ve also stated that this project came about not from some profound inspiration, but because “we have nothing to better to do with our time”. ๐Ÿ™‚

The band has announced an EP release on November 24.

Oh – if you want to know what the band’s about then try this punk rock cocktail mix:

“Imagine NOFX and Hi-Standard both ate Nasi Lemak and crapped out a mixture of Sambal, punk rock, and fecesโ€ฆ say hello to TADPOLES.”

Get a taste of the music yourself below with a brand new lyric video. Get ready though…the band states “this is the worst track on the EP”.

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