Singaporean punk rock greatness: Iman’s League & The Full Pledge Munkees

Iman's LeagueGood day for Singaporean punk rock by way of Iman’s League and The Full Pledge Munkees. Singapore punk rock being represented by these two class acts here in 2015 with these two snippets of greatness:

Iman’s League (Pop Punk)

Check out a brand new track from their upcoming release down below:

The Full Pledge Munkees (Ska Punk)

Check out how these dudes got on national TV in Singapore and KILLED it!

Tiada Lagi Airmata #singapuraliveThis is for our family & friends who missed the show & the show is unavailable on your phone. Enjoy! A tribute to our local Rock Heroes Helter Skelter & Rico Rodriguez of The Specials it was quite an emotional turn when we did ghost town for some of our members. R.I.P Rico!

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