Singapore punk scene comes together to start up own co-opvenue – looking for proceeds

Call for Contributions for Project 416

“Dear friends and allies,

In recent years, the Singapore punk scene has witnessed the loss of all our dedicated independent and supportive spaces. This has left us in a difficult position, as independent DIY spaces are tantamount to the survival and progress of any punk community. A dedicated DIY space caters to the socio-spatial needs of the subculture, and provides an environment for organisation and interaction, without the difficulties of conforming to the expectations of mainstream culture. We have recognised the lack of DIY spaces as a predicament to be addressed with utmost urgency, and have taken up arms to pursue a solution. This is where we need your help.

Starting with a small music studio, we intend to build a space which is to be shared and maintained amongst a set group of bands and their members. This space will function as a co-op, a rehearsal room and occasionally a live venue for small-scale studio shows (30-40 pax). Situated in a commercial building next to Surface Noise record store, the not-for-hire studio will not only provide the bands involved with a space to rehearse, but a conducive environment in which to organise and meet. All participating bands will be contributing monthly to the maintenance of the space, eradicating the need for the studio to subsist on venue hire. A dedicated, self-funded DIY space could also ideally mean having the capacity to pay touring bands that come through Singapore, and to organise more effective benefit shows when needed, amongst other advantages for the punk community as a whole.

As of August of 2017, we have attained the keys to the bare unit and are currently working on the acoustic treatment of the room. According to quotations by contractors and material cost, we would need to raise quite an amount in order to effectively soundproof the room. This involves, among other things, constructing another layer of the wall to the top beyond the false ceiling since it is hollow and building another wall near the door. On top of sound treatment, the added purchase of a PA system would leave us at roughly $4000SGD ($2930USD).

In view of our intention to maintain use of the space for as long as possible, we would like to ensure that not only does the sound treatment of the room last, but our activities not affect the neighbouring units. Surface Noise has already fostered a positive relationship with the surrounding businesses since its opening, and we aim to preserve that with the addition of our space.

With this information, the following bands involved in the space would like to call for monetary contributions in solidarity with Project 416, to aid in setting up the space:

Daily ritual


Planet caravan








Any monetary help, whether big or small, will go a long way into what we see as an incredibly exciting development in Singapore’s punk community. Contributors would also be supporting, in invaluable amounts, to the development of the participating bands’ growth.


For paypal contributions you can buy (by clicking on ‘Buy now’ or pay more if you want) our digital benefit comp through our bandcamp site. the comp features all the bands from the Project 416 collective.

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