Singapore Heavy Hardcore Band Weight Of The World AD [RIP] EP Streaming Now

Singapore heavy hardcore band Weight of the World AD was a force to reckon with. We (King Ly Chee) played with them once back in maybe 2015-ish and had to follow them…that was a nerve-wracking situation right there. The band is dark. The band is heavy. All of this combined on a small stage, in a hot, sweaty room (Pink Noize) with people packed in from wall to wall was awe-inspiring. The presence this band brought on stage was impactful in all regards – you literally felt the weight of the world.

The vocalist, Feroze, of the band is a good friend of ours and the site. He’s the one who tattooed Unite Asia on us. Actually, funny story, the same day he tattooed me was the show at Pink Noize later on that night. So he tattooed me, then that night he got on stage to front the band.

A day and night of pure magic…

Anyway…Feroz recently threw up the following post:

“In 2014, a few of my old friends and I decided to write and record a short EP to create something we can look back on years ahead and be proud of. Fast forward 6 years and this EP is one of my most monumental and intimate musical efforts in all the years playing in hardcore and punk bands.

I finally have the time to upload it to digital platforms. Give it a listen and if you know someone that would like it, please share it.”

Fuck yeah we’ll share it brotha!

Follow Feroz on IG here:

Get tattooed by the legend at his shop Bada Bink! Tattoo Firm here.

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