Singapore hardcore act Radigals release track off upcoming EP with zero fanfare – let’s fix that


Singapore hardcore band Radigals have released their first track off their upcoming EP Fight To Unite with zero fanfare – let’s fix that.

First of all let’s talk about this killer artwork for the release:


The Blistered and Turning Point shirts? Dope. The X-ed up hands while one of the members is holding onto some Chicken drumsticks? Dope (if those are Halal drumsticks = triple dope :-). The cute cats and dogs in the bottom corners? Dope. The smiling faces on each member? SUPER DOPE.

Now for the track they’re streaming…

37 seconds people.

Within 37 seconds the band annihilates their previous release tenfold. This is a sign of a band that is clearly going to get better and better with each release, and more importantly, become more bold in their adventures of figuring out ways to push their abilities further.

The EP will be out in March of this year on Dangerous Goods…and we can’t wait.

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