Singapore Based Photographer Releases Photobook of Exhibitors Australia Tour

Singapore based photographer/videographer Bryner Tan has released a photobook documenting recent Australia tour by Singapore melodic hardcore band Exhibitors. Bryner is also the legend behind the band’s recent music video that was released that also included footage from the tour (streaming further below).

We were excited to hear that Bryner was able to compile his amazingly shot photos into a book and wanted to know more about it:

“So one of my many school assignments for this semester was “storytelling” and I got real excited. I would much rather spend time photographing than recreating some logo for a brand or what not. It was the perfect timing to be honest because I knew that Exhibitors were planning an Australian tour. So I asked them if I could tag along and document it for my school assignment and lucky enough they got me on this run. I skipped a week of school classes to be on this tour, I mean why not?! I’ve always wanted to know what it’d be like to be a touring band’s photographer. The hardest part was being both a photographer AND videographer. It was hard to manage both but luckily I was able to come up with enough footage that the band used as a music video for their new track Blue Devils. If you haven’t checked it out you should! Sadly I will not be printing more than 1 copy of the book unless someone is really interested in paying $60SGD for a copy! hahaha…”

Bryner being the kind dude that he is has given us a link to the digital version of the photobook! GET STOKED! Here’s the direct link to download the book: CLICK HERE!

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