Shoegaze Band Spool Release Tracks Off Second Album ‘Cyan/Amber’ [Japan]

Japanese shoegaze band Spool have released a whole slew of tracks off their upcoming second full length ‘cyan/amber’ with that brilliant album art below. The cassette version is coming out on Gerpfast Records [Indonesia]. The full album doesn’t drop until December 25th.

“Shoegaze persists in modern Japanese rock circles, with no shortage of bands across the country taking cues from My Bloody Valentine and Ride. Tokyo’s Spool makes their fondness for the style pretty clear, but what separates them from other feedback-adoring groups is their ability to step out from the fuzz just enough to give listeners something to latch on to. That’s best captured on last year’s Spool, an album using noise and clearness to create a tension that amplifies tracks such as “Be My Valentine.”

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