Rizkan Records reissues indie punk act Take’s EP – as always with a hilarious press release

Rizkan Records reissues indie punk act Take‘s EP – as always with a hilarious press release [Indonesia]

“Hi again!

Yes another spam email that we gladly send to you. We probably mentioned in our previous email that we were broke, in fact we’re not that broke. It was just an alibi to get you interested. Haha…

Hey I’m sorry! I’m here actually to give you another flash news that Rizkan Records is teaming up with Roaches Records to reissue an EP by the band Take YAY! It’s been a year since the first press was released and I’m so honored that I had a such an opportunity.

Well actually there’s no additional track or bonus to be honest. This release only has a new cover and I’m totally okay with that! It’s good stuff and I want you to know, I want everyone to know!

If you’re a first time listener of Take just lemme know and I can hook you up with stuff to review.”


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