RIP: Singapore hardcore band Straight Forward announce their final show

Woah – this piece of news has come as quite the surprise especially since just a few days ago they released a brand new EP.

Singapore hardcore band Straight Forward have announced their final show to take place on December 22. The crazy part is that we’re going to be in Singapore around that time so we get to witness this phenomenal band’s very last show. The show itself is stacked with Singapore’s new blood hardcore bands so this is quite the send off – a passing of the torch if you will.

The band has been at it for the past 10 years and have completed an Australian tour and tours with 50 Lions and Endless Heights as direct support around Asia. The band has 4 releases including their demo and all of them are must have records that are streaming further below.

Guitarist Fhamy released this heartfelt goodbye:

About 10 years ago, a few friends and I started this band to contribute our part to the hardcore punk community. We felt the need to do something to change a ridiculous cycle/practice some and make it more welcoming for everyone else like how it’s supposed to be. I’ve been through hell and back with this band from being called for a show only to be made fun of, cheated from our merch sales, sleeping on the streets, eating leftovers and whatever else. This band has been the only thing that’s been a constant in my life these past 10 years, probably the only interesting thing about me, and to be honest it has made me the person that I am today. I will forever be nothing with Straight Forward. Greatest gratitude to everyone who has supported and believed in us over the years. Every rope has its end. This is goodbye to what was the biggest part of my childhood. My love says all of you.

We can’t say it enough. When we first heard their full length True Nature of the Vice we were blown away. The record proceeded to be our go to record any time anywhere. On our way to work? Straight Forward. On our way to visit family? Straight Forward. On our way to a funeral? Straight Forward. The vulnerability in the vocalist’s delivery is one of the best parts about this band…coupled with the thoughtfully written parts and riffs…just set this band way above the pack. In our eyes, they should’ve been one of the biggest hardcore bands out of Asia. Period. But as is the case with other great bands from around this region, they will be just be another obscure name outside of the world of the Southeast Asian hardcore community. As always – what a sad reality we face that PHENOMENAL fucking bands from this region aren’t given the time of day they deserve.

Go get into this band…if you can make it out to Singapore in December – be there.

RIP Straight Forward:

Release date: 2017

Release date: 2013

Release date: 2011

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