REVIEW: Brace Yourselves (Philippines) | Dive (2018) by Rogel Simon (Valley of Chrome)

BAND: Brace Yourselves (Philippines)
RELEASE: Dive EP (2018)
LABEL: Self-Released
REVIEWER: Rogel Simon (Valley of Chrome)

This 8 track CD from Brace Yourselves is a down-tuned thick necked attack to the senses. The instruments lean on new school hardcore while the vocals lean more on the metal side, even death metal I might say. From the moment you pop this right in, you will be in for a primal yet effective kick in the nuts. No lyric sheet but I guess they lean on the darker side of things. Effective and cathartic, this quartet is an act to watch out for. Plus, they got a ton of merch which is an added plus.

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