Record Release Show For Amazing Malaysia Bands Social Circuit/Milo Dinosaur Announced

When this popped up on our radar…we couldn’t believe it. We’re not even kidding, we actually quickly looked up flights from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur.

Let us quickly explain our excitement…

By now you should know that we’re all about celebrating the insane talent from our continent. Because we’ve been doing this site for a few years now, and because we’ve been involved with our MASSIVE Asian hardcore/punk/metal/indie rock family for over 20 years now – we’ve gotten to know certain scenes quite well now. One of those scenes that we love is Malaysia.

Yesterday – two Malaysian bands from the more emo/punk vein of their scene – Social Circuit and Milo Dinosaur – announced a joint record release show for each of their respective VINYL releases. Both bands TOGETHER?! While trying to contain our excitement, we looked further down on the show flyer and saw the rest of the lineup and immediately our jaw dropped.

We quickly hit up members of both bands to give us the scoop…read further below.

Go to the show and support these bands! Pick up some merch! Celebrate your community and your scene…

In regards to the show, vocalist Dean of Social Circuit shared the following:

“When I was organizing the show, I had no idea it was going to turn into this. Honestly, I was just going to organize a small show with my friends to celebrate the release of our 7”. When I started considering what bands to invite, it was easy – I just picked the bands that I wanted to see myself! Hahahaha…so if you look at the lineup, it’s either brand new bands that I haven’t seen yet or bands that I haven’t had the pleasure of sharing a bill with.

The last band I contacted, Milo Dinosaur, coincidentally also wanted to celebrate the vinyl release of their latest full-length Dengan Ikhlas. So it became a joint release party and we’re even discussing a T-shirt design for the show. Suddenly, the show became much bigger than my original intention, but it was perfect. We got Amy Hamdan to do the art for the shirt, and we will be releasing it at the event. Now I just can’t wait for the show.”

Meanwhile, Azim of the brilliant Milo Dinosaur shared:

“Milo Dinosaur’s 12” LP of our 2018 debut album is a culmination of a year-long collaboration between German punk labels Trace In Maze, Dingleberry Records, and their Malaysian peers Framecode Records and Teenage Head Records. The full record is about 27.31 minutes long and filled with eight tracks sung in our native Bahasa Malaysian language. During Record Store Day last year, the cassette release of the album sold out within the span of days, so we’re excited about this vinyl release. Sometime next week we’ll provide ordering details for those people outside of Malaysia who may want to pick up this limited release (only 200 copies printed).”

Social Circuit’s 7″ vinyl is actually a compilation record that Korean label Word Domination Inc released last year to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. The 7″ includes the following bands: Sidecar (South Korea), Mable’s Marbles (US) and DFMK (Mexico) who each contributed one track. Social Circuit’s track is entitled Drown which will also be featured on their new full length to be released later this year. Dean quickly added that the reason for the delay for the Malaysian release of this 7″ was because “I just couldn’t find the time and money to press (the cover) and manage the release. Once I sorted out all my shit, I was able to kick start all my projects again”.

Now that you have some idea why we’re excited…go check out ALL the music of the bands taking part below and be blown away. Seriously…this lineup is FUCKING NUTS.

Details for the show are in the flyer above – and who knows – maybe we’ll show up!

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