Rape charges laid against guitarist of Chinese metal band Thy Blood

thy blood

The Chinese metal scene has blown up all over social media regarding an incident that took place a few weeks ago. A 19 year old female vocalist of Chinese metal band Thy Blood posted a lengthy public announcement about her leaving the band and why. The reason: she was raped by the guitarist of the band.

Here is the complete post that she put up last night:



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English translation:

I am announcing that I am leaving the band Thy Blood. The main reason is that after we finished playing a show on March 25, the guitarist Chen Zhe said he would drive me home, he instead took me somewhere else where he raped me.  I do not want to remember the details of the incident, but after the incident I felt my whole world collapse around me as I could never imagine such a thing would happen. The two reasons it took me so long to report this is: first, was dealing with what happened, but the second is due to fear of parents finding out. 

Until Monday April 11th, I no longer could stand rehearsing with the band with a rapist in the room. Because of the other members, Chen Zhe was forced to apologize to me, but he did not realize his mistake, and instead accused me of being too moralistic. After he raped me he said he didn’t consider what he did as “rape”. I’m just a young girl, when he said that I didn’t know what to do.

Secondly, I am more disappointed with the band’s attitude towards this matter. Although before the incident, I promised the band could find a new lead singer, I also promised the band I will play all the remaining shows. But on Sunday the band told me they already found a new singer and I don’t need to show up for rehearsal on Monday. When I heard this, I admit that I did not handle it well and lost my temper and said “Sure you guys go to MIDI, I’m going to go file a report”. Before you found a new singer, aren’t I the vocalist? Didn’t what happened happen within our band members? 

My feelings for what happened are very deep…I never could’ve imagined this is how I would’ve left the band. I didn’t want to say anything after the MIDI performance, but today I decided I will not be silent about this and expose this. After school tomorrow, I will go file a police report.

The band themselves for some strange reason consider this an OK statement to make regarding this horrible situation and MASSIVE claim that was made against their band member:

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We would like to make clear:
1. We decided last year to ask our vocalist to leave the band after we noticed some issues with her, up until today we haven’t seen any improvements so we decided that after MIDI we would find a new vocalist. 

2. Regarding the rape claim laid against our guitarist by herself, we consider this a personal/private matter between the two of them so we have nothing further to say

We remain shocked by what took place. We certainly cannot understand Thy Blood’s overly simplistic response to such a grave claim laid against their band member and how this will CERTAINLY taint the image of the band. We have a MILLION questions we would ask of this band.

We wish this brave young woman all the strength in the world to regain the strength that she needs to continue to face this world. We want to make sure she knows that what she did – by reporting it to the police and taking it public was the RIGHT thing to do. We also want her to know that she did nothing WRONG. She was the victim.

Please leave your comments below and we can forward it to her to know that she’s not alone.

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