Putting This Back Up In Case You Slept On It – Hardcore Band Prime Release Debut Album

In case you slept on this BEAST of a release from earlier this month…Indonesian hardcore band PRIME have NAILED it on this debut release. This is what we wrote about it back when we launched the release in this post: https://uniteasia.org/hit-24000-likes-facebook-time-celebrate-awesome-release/

“Yo…this shit ain’t no joke – we hear Ignite, Pennywise, CIV, Dag Nasty and so many other classic hardcore punk elements expertly melded into their music. And seriously EVERY SINGLE song this band releases is a born classic. This is an EP that you have to get your hands on. Immediately. Like – RIGHT NOW. Which label worldwide is going to handle releasing this on vinyl?! SOMEONE PLEASE!

The band has stated:

“SHADES OF COLOR represents the feeling when you hit the road where sometimes you want to drive insanely fast but at some point you need to slow down.

It would be mostly about how we want to see the world and live our life. Anger, joy and sorrow happened to be the ingredients of our songs because we feel that these basic emotions of human taking the most vulnerable place in our heart. We decide to set them free. We release them through music so they can see that the world has many to offer than just black and white.”

Four labels came together to release this gift to the world: Quickening Records, Trueside Records, Smartest Bomb Records, and Betrayed Records.


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