Punk Rock Legends SMZB State Issues Arising From Release of Last Full Length [China]

There are bands on the planet that have to experience things that many of us who live in more “free”-er parts of the world can’t even fathom. These bands often put themselves and their families on the line in order to simply express their disappointment in the political/social climate through music and the arts. These bands are bands that every single person on this planet should fully go out and support – especially if you come from the world of punk rock and hardcore and you live in parts of the world where you’re allowed to speak your mind.

One of those bands that deserves your support is SMZB. Punk rock legends from Wuhan helmed by vocalist/guitarist Wu Wei who have never shied away or hid their political/social stances. Even their social media website links are a political statement.

SMZB recently released a brand new album entitled ‘Once Upon a Time in The East’ back in 2021 with very straightforward lyrics about socio-political issues. Yesterday, the band released the following statement about the album and the aftermath of the release:

“The album that was released two years ago, brought with it huge trouble. Most of the records were confiscated by the police, and the record store that helped us sell this record was forced to close permanently. Some fans who bought this record were questioned by the police, and the record company was forced to stop its 15-year cooperation with us. Many music festivals in Mainland China did not dare to invite us to participate, it is not easy for us to perform in the mainland now, I don’t know what else will happen…”

This should send shivers down all of our spines.

The band did end the statement with a fiery message. “But, “Don’t stop! When you start screaming for the life is keeping on; Don’t stop! when you start revolting for the life is keeping on!”

Go support the band here: https://www.facebook.com/smzb8964

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