Guangzhou Progressive Metalcore Band F IN YOUR FACE Release MV – Get Notice Not to Play

Our friend Kary hails from pretty influential metalcore band LAOFAYE out of Zhuhai and has now joined a Guangzhou-based progressive metalcore band called F IN YOUR FACE. Pretty damn bold name for a band but how is this for bold – the band has just released a music video for a brand new single that will be on their upcoming debut EP and has just received a message from a promoter stating that they cannot add this song to their setlist at an upcoming show.

Shit’s wild in China.

The band states, “The lyrics have more local cultural connotations. The lyrics are based on the 1967 Chinese cultural revolution, and the extensive use of Cantonese slang reflects the situation where the struggles of the local cultural revolution organizations, the Dongfeng faction, and the banner faction caused social hardship for the people. I hope that through music, the audience can deeply understand the history and hope it triggers some reflection.”

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