Punk Band The Riot Peddlers Debut Track Screaming Fuck Religion and The Caste System [India]

India’s first hardcore-punk band The Riot Peddlers have today announced their brand new EP, Strength In Dumbers, to be released independently on 26 January 2020. Not only that…but the band has allowed us here at UniteAsia.org to premiere a track off of it!

A collection of five songs, Strength In Dumbers is a partly ironic, partly sarcastic, but wholeheartedly a direct statement about the times we live in. “We’re all disillusioned by what’s happening around us,” said Arun Singh Ravi, frontman, guitarist and lead songwriter. “Strength In Dumbers narrates our take on topics and aims to add our unapologetic perspective to the on-going conversation.”

The EP starts off with “Therapist”, a tale about the plan of two men to rape a woman in her house, only for the plan to go awry once they realize that she’s a trained mercenary. “Your Love Songs” is an acerbic take on how the International Banking System, World Bank, and the IMF spend millions funding terrorists and creating social unrest in countries that don’t adhere to their policies while selling an image of world peace. “Untitled”, the oldest song on this EP, shouts out against the segregation of people based on caste, creed, and religion. “Insects Attack” tells the story of a couple tripping on LSD who come to the realization that some of the people they know aren’t any different from the insects in their room. “Muslim Dudes On Bikes” is a satirical statement about Muslims using rash driving on the streets as an outlet to vent their frustration for being continuously oppressed by society.

The five-song EP, clocking in at around ten minutes, marks the on-record debut of the band’s drummer, Dhruv Sarker, who joined the band in June 2019. “The EP evolves the band’s sound. We’ve worked hard to make it sound raw, provocative and energetic,” said Sarkar.

“Strength In Dumbers” follows the band’s debut, “Sarkarsm”, released on 15 August 2012. “This EP takes what we did on Sarkarsm, and ups everything to 11,” said Animesh Das, bassist.

Engineered, mixed and produced by Apurv Agrawal, the EP was recorded at Island City Studios (Khar, Mumbai), Blue Cassette Studios (Thane), Double Dec Studio (Sion, Mumbai) and Agrawal’s home studio. “Strength In Dumbers” has been mastered by Bill Metoyer at Skull Seven Studios (California, USA), and features artwork by Diya Sarker.


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