Progressive metalcore band Twisted Cycle release new single [Hong Kong]

Progressive metalcore band Twisted Cycle release new single [Hong Kong]. The band’s EP released last year was recently reviewed by a website called Jam In The Room. You can check out portions of the the review below:

“As a fan of literature and lyrics writing, I need to admit that I love this album. I am introducing to you all the album 《夢落破鏡》(The Dream, The Fall, The Destruction and The Reflection) from Hong Kong indie band Twisted Cycle.

When I got this album I am extremely excited with the tasty track titles「夢‧落‧破‧鏡」(The Dream, The Fall, The Destruction and The Reflection), as an album with a clear concept, a sophisticated core expression, an aligned melodic & rhythmic tones & lyrics composition in all chapters of the album is always a big challenge for musicians. Some people get used to pick up the word “progressive” to describe this kind of conceptual music composition, yet in the modern scene of “progressive” music, the fusion of genre keeps growing further and broader, which means the term “progressive” is going to describe less to none on the characteristics of the music concerned. Just like Twisted Cycle’s album《夢落破鏡》, the band threw mathcore, industrial, gothic, melodic and many more genres into a big melting pot, and the band seasoned the music with elegant lyrics. I would rather say the Twisted Cycle had crafted their specific type of music from their knowledge and skill rather than grouping them into an over-generalized “progressive” genre.

This album aimed to explore the eternal nirvana and the ambitious attempt to breakthrough the eternal cycle of fallen souls in the wracked world. The terms 「紅塵」(“Red Dust”, i.e. the world of mortals),「浮生」(“Floating Lives”, i.e. lives of uncertainties),「破道」(The breakthrough of eternal cycle), and「輪迴」(“Nirvana”, the cycle of life and resurrection) are rooted from the Buddhism and Tao philosophy. These terms have been well discussed and quoted in many ancient and iconic Chinese philosophies.

The artistic choice of words and the elegance and poetic way of expressions had shown the powerful lyrical skills of the band. The delicacy of writing made these lyrics a marvelous poetry. The atmosphere and ambience constructed by these lyrics brought the audience to the vast space of imagination.

The musical arrangement is mature and delicate. The synth strings and sampling ambience blended into the heavy groove without any disharmony, neither did the synth tamed the beast in the heavy metal tone. The lightness and airiness of the synthesiser and the dark and tight guitar riffs formed an atmosphere with contradicting layers of mood, just like the contrast between the calm eternity of the nirvana and the painful struggle of lives dragging in the forever cycle.

Twisted Cycle handled the change of pace, pattern and rhythm with great details. At any change in pace, a transition including 3-4 musical patterns will be composed to smoother out the odds of changes, or a cut off of rhythmic instruments will be executed to get the audience prepared. These well-thought arrangements reflected the time and effort spent by the band in furnishing their compositions.

Writer simply believes that the poetic lyrics written in the album are already worth the pennies, and the effort to perfect the arrangements, to fuse different music genre in a creative manner and to stand firmly into the underground band scene complete the package of reasons for you to get the album. Would like to say thanks to Twisted Cycle for their sweat and tears, and hope audience will support them as much as I do. They just released a teaser in their Facebook page about their next release, cannot wait to get into the strange and twisted world created by the Twisted Cycle.”

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