Progressive Metal Band Luminari Return With New Lineup and Debut Track [Hong Kong]

Hong Kong metal band Luminari was formed in mid-2019 as an instrumental band. The band’s debut release was the song ‘Crystal’.

We spoke to guitarist Kester to give us the lowdown about the new incarnation of the band and the new lineup. The band has just released the first single with this new reinvigorated band.

“I started the band as an instrumental project with my drummer Nelson. After releasing our debut single ‘Crystal’, I wanted Luminari to be an actual band more than just a project. I was lucky enough to meet Kaka (Vocalist), Tim (Guitarist), Kitson (Bassist) in 2020. They were all looking to be part of a band so I invited them to join us.”

Where the debut single released last year has a huge mix of sounds, it is undoubtedly apparent that the band has a love for more progressive elements of metalcore as of late.

“Our music is mainly inspired from some modern rock/ metal music such as Intervals, Novelists, Periphery – stuff with tighter guitar sounds and riffs. But we’re also inspired by post-hardcore/emo acts and that’s what you will hopefully hear in the overall emotional vibe of our music and the vocals. Actually, our members listen to a whole bunch of genres like j-rock, synth-pop, synthwave, etc. We try to experiment with our sounds and incorporate all these influences.”

As for the brand new song ‘Eclipse’ itself, though the music’s influences are obvious, Kester was kind enough to talk about the message of the lyrics. “‘Eclipse’ is a process of lost and found, to see light in the darkness, to find hope in despair. Sometimes we feel blind, having lost our sight to navigate life. But eventually light will prevail, empowering us to overcome deceptions and walk our own path.”

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