PREMIERE: NYC based Nepalese metallic hardcore band Sangharsha release final album

‘अन्त्य’ (antya) is the beginning of an end that we never saw coming. These songs are the most personal and intimate there has ever been. It speaks of the struggle that we have endured through these years personally and socially in life. As we say goodbye to everyone, this album will accompany you to your own personal struggles and give you hope. In darkness you shall find the light…

Today we bring to you an exclusive premiere of NYC based metallic hardcore band Sangharsha‘s final album. As the band has stated above, this is an emotional and visceral release. Within their 4 track album the musical landscape takes you all over the place and is a journey that you need to commit yourself from start to finish to fully comprehend the emotions that were thrown into creating and recording these tracks. The band is certainly ending on a creative high note with their eclectic blend of music and sounds. Who knows where they would’ve ended up if they had continued…

Guitarist Kshitiz sat down with us and gave us some info about the band – read below and share the fuck out of this so the world gets to hear this.

Photos credit: Nuraj Shrestha

What’s up bud – so tell us what’s going on with Sangharsha and why this is the band’s “final” album?
Since we are all busy with family and other matters and not actively playing shows or creating music, we decided to part ways.

And you guys are currently still living in Nepal? I noticed some of you guys are in the band Chepang as well.
Actually, we all live in the US currently and yes some of us are in Chepang as well.

How long has the band been around? Was it a tough decision to end it?
Since 2010. Yes it was a tough decision but once we made that decision we decided that this was going to be our final release. We realized that it was much more emotional than what we thought, but everything comes to an end.

Was the band always located in the US? How did it come together?
Yes it has always been located in New York City. Me and Yogen, the singer, started here and then we had Dipesh join in on drums to complete the lineup.

Let’s go back a bit – what brought you guys to NYC in the first place?
At first it was school and work that led us to NYC. The search for a better opportunity in a bigger city.

How’s the current political climate in the US impacting you and your community as immigrants in the US?
It’s super tense. Although being in NYC , we do not feel so much of that. But it’s super stressful when you are looking at all the news flying around on social media and all. Everyone is wary and tired of this.

Tell us about the Nepalese contingent in NYC – it’s pretty rad that you guys were able to find each other and try to create a home away from home. As mentioned above, Chepang has already started to make such a great name for themselves.
It’s pretty small in terms of the type of music we play within the Nepalese community. No one really cares what we do and I think we are better accepted in the total NYC underground music genre than within our community. And I guess this love for such a small piece/scene of music called hardcore is what bounded us via various networks. It’s a great thing thing people beyond our community dig us and appreciate what we do.

So when you guys started playing in this particular band around NYC what was the reaction?
It’s usually like what the fuck ? Who are these guys? Totally unexpected type. It was always awesome, a surprise gift type of thing maybe. And our music in general tries to mix everything which can reach to a broader audience at a show. So I guess people can relate to it more easily.

Totally agree – I feel like more traditional “hardcore” is very one sided. So with you guys throwing in all these different elements it certainly takes you outside of the small box that hardcore puts itself in.
And that is what we have been striving for. Every album we have done has been progressing in a an unknown zone which we love it. You will find that these new songs from this final album are way different from what we have done in the past but still rooted deep within hardcore.

So as this band dissolves – what are the members going to be involved in next?
Me and Dipesh will be in Chepang grinding our mind while Yogen has his own personal solo career going on which he wants to make a future out of. And of course family and life…

Any last words for your interview?
One Love, One Life!

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