PREMIERE: Experimental Punk Band Round Eye Debut Track From Mike Watt Produced Album

PREMIERE | Round Eye

Shanghai-based experimental punk rock act Round Eye today is premiering the first track off their upcoming full-length album Culture Shock Treatment produced by none other than Mike Watt and Bill Stevenson. Holy fuck…

Before you blast the track Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner down below, the band has sent some info about the release:

“Culture Shock Treatment” is our answer to the Chinese state whereas “Monstervision” was our answer to the American state. A direct criticism on Chinese oppression of Hong Kong and human rights and anyone who bows to the might of Chinese Communist influence whether though self-censorship or outright political prostitution. It’s a protest record.”

The full length has 15 tracks and will hit shelves on July 3rd. Not only did the band enlist the help of Mike Watt and Bill Stevenson, but the band is releasing the record on Paper + Plastick Records owned by Less Than Jake’s Vinnie Fiorello. GODDAMN.

When we asked how in the fuck did Mike get involved, the band replied, “During our early years we had Steve Mackay
of Iggy and the Stooges “Fun House” fame on saxophone who in turn bridged us over to Mike Watt who then bridged us to Bill Stevenson and the Descendents. All of which we’ve toured with in the west and east in the intervening years. One day after performing in San Pedro, we mentioned to Mike that we had material that we were ready to record and he offered his services to us but to be mindful that when we went in to work with him he was not gonna be easy with us at all and help mold us closer to what he thought would be our full potential.”

And how did Bill get involved you ask? We asked too!

“Upon hearing that we were to be produced by Mike, Bill came into the fold with his services at Blasting Room Studios. They all generously gave us their time and we had to fulfill our end by bringing 110% percent and working the room. This is the result. We couldn’t have asked for better mentors on this record as Mike and Bill. They knew exactly what we were going for and gave us the oldschool treatment. After our experience working with Mike we can safely conclude that this record won’t be the last of our collabs.”

So go blast the track below! You can pre-order the full length by clicking HERE.

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