Powerviolence Act Speech Odd Return With Another Regime Challenging Act [Thailand]

That’s the way to do it folks…when you’re a band with a shit ton to say, you just make it happen. You get your songs written, hit the studio, and release them for the world to begin devouring the music and the message. Thai powerviolence band Speech Odd have been pretty much non-stop since they’ve surfaced. Releasing a debut EP, playing tons of shows, getting the EP repressed in a whole bunch of different formats, and tonight, they’ve released a lyric video for the first track of their NEW EP to be released in a few months. Dayum…

As with their debut release, the band continues in the political spectrum of things on this song.

“This song is about a story of people’s despair and resentment of a dictatorship that oppresses people. It’s sung fully in Thai.”

The EP will have a total of 9 songs and the band thinks it could be out as early as October this year. They are FULLY ready to work with any labels anywhere on the planet who might be interested. So get in touch ASAP!!!


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