Post Hardcore Act LUMINARI Drop Epic Music Video for New Single ‘Leave Me Alone’ [Hong Kong]

Of course, we’re a little biased since we’re from Hong Kong, but the quality of Hong Kong bands especially these past few years has exploded…check out phenomenal post-hardcore band LUMINARI on their brand new single ‘Leave Me Alone’. The band just dropped this amazing music video and everything about it is just quality.

The band was super kind enough to send in the following info:

“The song delves into the complex emotions of heartbreak and the aftermath of a failed relationship. The lyrics express feelings of betrayal and hurt, as the protagonist of the song is struggling to deal with the reality of being left alone by someone they cared about deeply. The song is a plea to be left alone, to forget about the past, and to move on with life. It is a raw and emotional expression of the pain that comes with the end of a relationship and the struggle to let go of the memories and move forward.”

If you’re familiar with the modern-day twist to the post-hardcore/metalcore sound, you’ll surely have noticed that bands nowadays feel even more comfortable adding elements outside the world of rock/metal to their sound. Luminari have also been dabbling in enhancing their sound with elements of emo, trap and other types of rock music ala Lil Peep, Nothing Nowhere and CVLTE. “Since my bandmate, Kitson is obsessed with Hip Hop music and he loves to produce beats, he came up with an emo trap beat one day which became the intro part of “Leave Me Alone”. He asked me to add something to make it feel like us and so I added the band parts along with the beat that he gave me. That’s how the instrumental of “Leave Me Alone” started.”

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