Pop Punk Band The Once Acknowledge Shit Happens All The Time So FTW [Hong Kong]

Hong Kong pop punk band The Once may be the new kids on the block having only formed last year, but the band has been on a tear since releasing a whole host of singles. The band has just released their brand new track 壓力山大 with a hilarious music video in tow. According to The Once, “Shit happens all around us ALL the time, and most often than not, there’s really nothing we can do about it. So why not just fuck the world!”

The band states, “Uniqueness is a subjective concept. Even an ordinary thing could be considered “unique”. Our band ‘The Once’, in a nutshell, simply means living in the moment. Our inspiration comes from everyday life, and we hope our listeners remember when an ordinary moment becomes extraordinary. Our songs could be about relationships, adolescent frustration, and maturity… or it could be none of them. It’s totally up to you and how you search for meaning in our songs. Everyone has the right to feel differently about things.”

In regards to their chosen genre of music, “Despite how pop punk our stuff sounds so far, we haven’t really been satisfied with our music. The only thing we want is to be ourselves…doing something different, something that’s never been done before.  We explore the most suitable way to present our feelings and emotions in the songs we create, and that’s how music has always been to us. We look forward to breaking stereotypes”. 


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