Pioneering Doom Metal Band Old Witch Cemetery Release Single That Took 7 Years [Bangladesh]

Love it when super cool news comes into our submission box from different parts of Asia.

Formed in 2014, Old Witch Cemetery is Bangladesh’s very first doom metal band. Thus far they’ve only been releasing singles and one EP and have just dropped their brand new one entitled ‘Zombie Shipyard’. According to the band, the song took 7 years to complete.

“What you will hear is the amalgamation of our journey since starting in late 2014. We have released 11 songs, a demo, and an EP, completed nationwide tours, spent hours at recording and practice sessions and hung with friends, family, listeners, and fans. All of these things have inevitably shaped this song to its final form.”

People who have heard this song have stated that the essence of this song is comparable to bands like Trouble, Candlemass, Count Raven, Solitude Aeturnus etc.

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