Philippines’ Neverdie announce new album and final show

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Philippines’ Neverdie have announced that they will be breaking up. Today they’ve announced the date of their final show which will also coincide as the release date of their final album. We spoke to guitarist Tani who filled us in with some more info:

“Pretty much we just wanted to start new. It’s been a rough ride for the band these past 9 years with all the lineup changes and I personally love the current lineup the most. We figured it’d be great time to give the new guys a chance to be in a band without them worrying about what the previous guys did. We were getting sick of some of the songs anyway and I got sick of the name of the band as well. We came up with that name when were younger and quite stupid. I blame our youthful arrogance. haha…

So yeah after April 21, we’ll be forming a new band with more or less the same members with a slightly different sound and vibe but I’m sure it won’t stray too far.

We’ll also be putting up the record on bandcamp for free starting the day of the show.”

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