Philippines’ Luneta Freedom Jazz Collective release new EP “Ethos”

Luneta Freedom Jazz Collective


Read the press release for this record and collective from the Philippines:

Luneta Freedom Jazz Collective is a grassroots collective committed to spreading knowledge about the revolution and consciousness, the anti-imperialist struggles, mass movements in the Philippines.

Their new EP is a testament to sound. Sounds that are notated and those that are not. Those that are not notated appear in the written music as silences, opening the doors of the music to the sounds that happen to be in the environment. This approach exists in the fields of modern sculpture and architecture. The glass houses of Mies van der Rohe reflect their environment, presenting to the eye images of cloudsand trees according to the time of day and situation. There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, even if we try to make a silence, we couldnt. For certain engineering purposes, it is desirable to have as silent a situation as possible, a room without echoes. Even with the given environment that total silence is expected sound is still present. A high and a low sound. The high one being the human nervous system in operation, the low one youre blood in circulation.

Luneta Freedom Jazz Collective

The situation made available by these means is essentially a total sound-space, the limits of which are ear determined only, the position of a particular sound in this space being the result of five determinants: frequency or pitch, amplitude or loudness,overtone structure or timbre, duration, and morphology. By the alteration of anyone of these determinants, the position of the sound in sound-space changes. Any sound at any point in this total sound-space can move to become a sound at another point.”

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