Philippines hardcore vets Piledriver release new music video – new vocalist slays on this track!

Philippines hardcore vets Piledriver have released a new music video for a song entitled Road Dog. Anyone that has watched this band’s INSANE work ethic of playing anywhere for the past 20 years knows how “Road Dog” is a PERFECT title for a song by Piledriver. This is also the world’s first taste of what brand new vocalist Yuri sounds like on a Piledriver track! And no disrespect to all the incredible vocalists who have come and gone in the PD camp, this dude on a recording sounds HARD! But how sick is it that the band returned the mic at the end of the song to S-Ray, their previous vocalist, to lay it down one last time!? RESPECT.

The band has stated that this track will be featured on their upcoming full length to be released by Crank Music Relief & Railroad Records.

Check out the lyrics below and go share the fuck outta this!

Different places
Different streets
We Bring same passion
Everytime we all meet
Brothers from other places got each other’s side
This is who we are
All about respect and pride!

Life kick us hard
Life beat us, (BEAT US DOWN)
But every day
We still stand,(STAND OUR GROUND)
No matter what
We don’t, (WE DON’T BACK DOWN)
(We’re ) one family, (WE DON’T FUCK AROUND)

Come one come all
We Stood up tall
No matter what
Even back against the wall
Against all odds
Lets (we) let it known
From town to town
We burn it down!

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