Pakistani president calls people to boycott Valentine’s Day? Da fuck?


Anyone understand the utter stupidity in claiming that Valentine’s Day is contradictory to Islamic teachings? The fuck? As a Muslim myself I’m puzzled at the logic of someone of his stature – he is the PRESIDENT of a country!!!! – discussing the significance of not a nuclear-arms treaty, or the fall of the Chinese economy and its impact on worldwide financial systems and trade, or the growing threat of the collapse of the rest of Syria…he’s fucking talking about Valentine’s Day!

Hey asshole – why not discuss the impact of the threat of religious fanatics and the complete destruction of the image of Islam in its aftermath? You sure you want to waste your time discussing a day dedicated to love instead of trying to do your part to make sure that millions stranded in poverty in Pakistan are lifted out of it by providing more jobs and security? If this is you waging war on “western culture” yet you don’t do SHIT to provide for your own countrymen, you need to get your priorities checked.

The Pakistani government has always been run by a bunch of clowns. But this SERIOUSLY takes the cake.

A Pakistani

Pakistan President calls Valentine’s Day boycottPakistan’s flower stalls were largely empty today after the President denounced Valentine’s Day as contradictory to Islamic teachings.

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