Nu Metal Industrial Band GrooveBot Release New Lyric Video [India]

GrooveBot, a nu/industrial metal project, is the brainchild of Chinmay Agharkar, guitar player of Hindi progressive rock/metal band Paradigm Shift and grunge outfit Hook from Mumbai, India. The first single by GrooveBot titled ‘Toxic’ features Mumbai based multi-talented singer-songwriter Pratika on vocals. The song takes a fresh approach to energetic nu-metal from the early 2000s, mashed up with modern synth sounds often heard in industrial music.

The artists (Chinmay and Pratika) are not new to the metal sound. Both of them individually have been in and around the metal and indie music scene in Mumbai from the late 2000s. Pratika was featured on heavy metal giants Lamb of God’s 2014 documentary ‘As The Palaces Burn’ as the girl from India telling her story about being a metalhead in a society where she used to be treated differently until a few years ago. Pratika was initially the bass player, then vocalist of metal band Chronic Phobia from the tender age of 13. This is the first metal song Pratika has worked on in several years.

Chinmay’s current band Paradigm Shift has so far released two heavy studio albums ‘Coalescence’ and ‘Sammukh’. He is working on an EP under the name GrooveBot, expected to be out sometime later this year.

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