Newly Formed Myanmar Metal Band DEATH BY SYSTEMS Release Debut Single [Myanmar]

“This song is written to represent each and every rape victim,” state the members of newly formed Myanmar metal/punk band DEATH BY SYSTEMS.

The band originally started with the impetus to form an all-female punk band in Myanmar. “Since there aren’t a lot of women in the punk scene here in Myanmar, we ended up with 2 female members and the other 3 are male. But at the end of the day, the purpose of this band is to be a voice for the voiceless especially women, factory workers and sex workers. We want to bring awareness to the things that currently plague Burmese society like domestic violence, sexual violence and mental health problems.

The band’s name too is quite unique AND bold as hell.

“As you all know, Myanmar is now under military dictatorship and it is highly dangerous for us to talk about wars and politics but we will not stay silent and will do the things that we believe in. Our music contains things about labor exploitation, military crimes against humanity, rape cases, and everything which is not fair for our people to face. That’s why we named our band, “Death by Systems”.”

And today the band is here debuting their very nu-metal influenced debut track ‘Burn’.  “This song is written to represent each and every rape victim. Being forced to have sex without consent, whether of the same or opposite sex, is rape. Among the disgusting injustices that we face every day, we should also talk openly about sexual violence. Most women don’t speak out about being sexually abused because they fear that people will blame them if they speak out because of the patriarchal system that they have been instilled in all their lives. In these ASEAN countries, people who have experienced this kind of violence are usually viewed as disgusting, and the society is unsupportive, and makes emotionally damaging comments and behaviors such as, “What kind of clothes did she wear?” “It’s not surprising that she got r*ped because what she wore was so revealing”. In this way, society instills self-loathing and hatred in a rape victim.”

And to wrap up – the band wants to add, “We, women, should not be quiet like this anymore! FUCK ALL THESE ABUSERS!”

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