New Thai Hardcore Compilation In The Works To Stand Up To Thai Regime

A new Thai hardcore/punk rock compilation is in the works under the name Thailand Hardcore #Greatest Hits curated by members of Thai hardcore bands No Is Not and License To Kill. The compilation will contain tracks by 21 different Thai hardcore bands. When we asked what the catalyst was for the compilation, “Thailand Hardcore Greatest Hits is an anti-government project. There will be many different bands taking part in the CD compilation including Hardcore, Punk, Metal Core, Thrash, Rock’n’Roll. Many bands are calling to protest against the Thai government. Currently, we’re still collecting the music for the CD. It should be out by the end of August or September.”

The bands taking part are the following:

1.No Is Not
2.License To Kill
4.Hate Monday
5.Face Melting
6.Rot System
7.For God Killer
8.Killing Fields
9.Foolish The Bastards
10.Chaos Of Society
11.Stage Clear
12.Take It Back
13.The Die Hards
14.Duality Power
15.The Greed
16.Dreaming Hot Rod
18.Headless Rebel
20.Blood Soaked Street Of Social Decay
21.Drunk All Day

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