Nepalese Punk and Hardcore Bands The Doltish/Strangle Stranded in Indonesia

Two killer Nepalese punk and hardcore bands The Doltish and Strangle have spent almost the past year trying to raise funds to go tour Indonesia. They’ve had a bunch of fundraising shows.

Today word got out that when the bands arrived in Indonesia, immigration officers scammed the members out of about 400USD for a visa. With a google search online it states that Nepalese passports do not visas to enter Indonesia.

The bands are out of money to continue to hit the road. If you can offer any financial support then read below and hit up the band’s facebook pages directly to see how you can help:

The Doltish:


“Call for Solidarity

Our friends Band ‘the Doltish & Strangle got scam by the immigration authorities … they were forced to pay a sum of money ($ 400) to get a visa stamp (which was supposed to be free) … they were just about to do their Tour Band in Indonesia, but now have difficulty funding to continue this tour ..

For friends “who want to help them with donations, can also help them by buying their Band & T-shirt merchandise which will later be used for the sustainability of their tour

For info & donation
can contact to this number
No rek Bca
885 0705691 / Yudha Winanda

Thanks for your attention/ donation
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