Myanmar Punk Greats – Rebel Riot – Celebrate 15 Year Anniversary – Release Live Vid

Imagine being a punk rock band in the midst of a country in complete political and social upheaval to the point you have to your music, lyrics and band from the authorities. Myanmar punk rock band Rebel Riot fully and truly live punk rock to the T and thus, this past weekend when they celebrated their 15-year anniversary in style, it’s nothing short of a miracle that this was able to happen and the band has stayed the course this entire time.

They have just released a live video from the show so you can see how warmly they were received and celebrated.

More power to bands, artists, and creatives anywhere in the world who continue to create even with risking their lives in order to do it.

From the band:

“Last night, Rebel Riot’s 15th-anniversary event ended successfully. It is not wrong that this is our first public event in more than 2 years since the covid period and the coup d’état. We continued to march with new members.

Last night’s show was challenging for all of us. Especially because of the current situation and our lyrics. But we faced challenges and stood up for what we believed in. The young faces of the new generation and teenage punks also came, Earlier-first generation punks also came. It was a very cool show that we will always remember. It is not wrong that this is a punk movement that pushed back under Myanmar’s coup d’état.

We will continue to do what we believe no matter how bad the situations are. We’re very thankful to each and every one who supported us.

Punk Not Dead!”

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