MUSIC PREMIERE: Indie rock band Sparrow from Beijing’s brand new EP!


Here you go! We bring you the FULL stream of indie-rock band Sparrow from Beijing’s brand new EP entitled “?????”.

Big thank you to Guo Feng and the boys for allowing the stream their brand new EP!

These guys are touring China as we speak and you can find out more information from this site:

While listening to the music, they gave us a few words to give you some more information about this great band:

From a legendary punk rock band like Recycle and all that you’ve done for Chinese punk rock, how and why did you choose to start a post-rock band like Sparrow?
I think that because I had grown much older I needed a band to reflect the different emotions that I was feeling. So in 2008, when the band Da Bang’s bassist ?? and ?? called me and asked if I wanted to play in a post rock band, I said yes! I had already been listening to post rock music since about 2003 which at the time, there weren’t that many people in China who like this type of music. I was already into a lot of this stuff so I said let’s do it! Later on we had a lot of lineup changes but we didn’t stop, because in our hearts and lives music is a must. Without music there is no life, and without playing in a band you’re not being true to yourself. So Recycle is still here today, and Sparrow is still here today as well.

Tell us the meaning behind this album and the title.

The album title is the name of a track on this album. Life and living is on the same path, sometimes you have to stand up and fight, and sometimes you just gotta take a break. Living a life of always fighting, anyone would get tired. So just stop and take a break and enjoy the scenery. Reflect on the roads you’ve traveled in the past, and think about which path to take next. When you’re looking at the scenery, you’re actually really taking a look at yourself.

Why did you guys only choose to release an EP?

This is actually our third album! Our song are really long. It’s like when you’re taking a shit – when you begin that’s when a song starts. By the time you’re done, that first song is still not over. So we just realized that with our type of music an EP is actually just as long as a full length! Actually, when we’re comparing music with other bands, we’re actually not competing with who’s writing better music, we’re actually competing to see who can write the longest songs!

Now that you’ve released the EP, what are your plans to promote this EP?
In June we’ll embark on a China tour and then we’ll go back out in September and November because China is HUGE. We all live pretty busy lives so that’s why we’re spllitting up our tour into three different legs. Touring for any band is very very important.

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